Date: October 16th 2009

The Virtual Museum of Canada

A collection of collections, the Virtual Museum of Canada has items from many different museums across Canada. It can also help those who want to visit offline, as the site also includes museum news and details for those who want to visit Canada's museums.

The "Virtual Exhibits", "Image Gallery", and "Teachers' Centre" tabs near the top of the homepage should not be missed.

The "Virtual Exhibits" have a variety of different offerings, including exhibits on war orphans from the Holocaust, a Cariboo civilization, and a history of Olympic bids.

In the "Image Gallery", a thumbnail of each image or object is provided along with its title and clickable link to the museum where it came from. Visitors should click on "More" or just on the image, to read details about the item and see an enlarged version of it.

There are over 780,000 images to view, so visitors might want to bookmark the site for subsequent visits.

The "Teachers' Centre" contains "Lesson Plans", "Featured Museum Learning Resources", and the ability to browse all the learning resources for grades one through university levels, and even adult learners

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