Date: May 14th 2009

Nortel LearniT is an initiative of Nortel Community Relations to prepare teachers, students, and learners of all ages to develop 21st century skills that will provide a basis for their ongoing engagement in learning and personal achievement.

Their Goal is to reach learners around the world and share with them the skills and opportunities that technology can bring to learning and their future. By creating innovative online learning opportunities and resources for teachers, students, and learners of all ages, Nortel LearniT provides a new level of engagement that promotes enhanced levels of interest and academic success.

Their Method includes working with students, educators and professionals from around the world to develop a wide range of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and other subject related content. Specific examples of resources include:

Technology training dedicated to developing the technical mastery to use 21st century communication tools. The ever-growing collection of technology topics includes:

o Discovering the Internet
o Imaging
o PowerPoint Presentations
o Web Content Creation
o Networks to Knowledge (N2K)
o Video Production
o Digital Ethics
o Online Safety
o Digital Audio
• materials development focused on the 6ES approach
• explorations of next generation job and career opportunities (Career Bytes);
• technology and project tips and tricks from educators and students in the field (Tech Talk);
• collections of teacher- and student-contributed examples.

Project-based lesson plans provide teachers with classroom-ready resources to promote the integration of technology into teaching and learning. The Nortel LearniT lesson library includes hundreds of lessons that are editable in your word processor, include assessment tools are linked to your curriculum standards. Lessons are organized and searchable by grade, subject and technology.

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