Date: October 29th 2008

Free lesson plans produced by teachers

An exceptional resource, the Canada Year Book Historical Collection is a fabulous tool for teaching students about Canada’s past! You will find lesson plans in the Teacher’s Toolbox that are designed to help students examine and interpret original documents.

Produced by teachers, these lesson plans support major themes in history and social studies, such as Changing Families, Occupations, Immigration and Emigration, the Great Depression, Canada at War, and so on.

Canada Year Book is a highly respected publication that has earned a reputation for providing a reliable, detailed and unmistakeable portrait of Canada and its people for over 140 years.

Canada Year Book Historical Collection

Come and explore Canada Year Book with your students

Now, you can browse through 100 years of this fascinating historical information, provided in a variety of formats: tables, charts, photos, maps and multimedia. You’ll love browsing through the original books, which were scanned to appear on screen exactly as they were published.

It’s all yours!
No costs, no strings attached—just 100 years of Canadian history with something of interest for students at every grade level from elementary through secondary.

We’re expecting you: Enjoy!

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